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Our Primary Services

Marcom Managed Service

Our team of marketing enthusiasts – strategists, researchers, buyers, content writers, social media curators, media coordinators and account managers - work with you as an extension of your marketing team. This may include content curation, ghost writing, social media management and/or promotions. For some clients we simply maximize current media commitments and evaluate new opportunities. For others we provide additional bandwidth to internal teams.

MARCOM Blueprint

Are you able to see your entire Marketing & Communications plan in one comprehensive sheet? If not, then allow us to help you clarify and align markets, audiences, goals, key messaging, tactics, engagement and content calendars into one easy-to-follow and more easily shared MARCOM Blueprint. Customized for each client information can be organized by media, product or distribution channels. Paired with a comprehensive, supporting research deck, Wakeen Strategies provides everything to guide your marketing strategy with internal stakeholders and/or external teams.

Strategic Planning

Following our proven Strategic Cultural Agility Narrative – SCAN™ we will guide your teams through a series of interactive facilitated sessions to define your strategic goals; clarify your mission, vision, purpose and core values; and build an action plan to support both long and short-term initiatives. SCAN™ takes you from information to execution in about (8) 90-minute sessions - delivering a plan that doesn't just live in a binder on a shelf, but is integrated into regular business activities to achieve results and drive the organization forward intentionally.

Explore The Marcom Blueprint

Every organization’s marketing needs are different.

Specialized Services

Media Buying

We are consumed with understanding the why behind every aspect of marketing from audience and market nuances to media consumption habits and the most cost-efficient channels to reach your customers. The ability to identify where data and customer intention converge is the point at which media buying starts to deliver desired outcomes. We partner with Wakeen Pages for fearless negotiation and flawless execution on behalf of our managed service clients.

Content Creation & Management

From social media and email to blogs and video. Content is the prevailing currency in marketing. Sustaining a consistent presence with relevant content can be overwhelming. Wakeen Strategies team of writers and content curators can help you not only establish and launch your voice, but provide on-going support to ensure that you maintain the conversation.

Commercial Production

Compelling storytelling through corporate videos, case stories, commercials and photography is both an art and a science. The Wakeen Strategies team partners with Wakeen Studios produce videos and provide creative assets to support the larger marketing and communications strategy.


We will say it again … we are consumed with understanding the why behind the intersection of consumers and advertising, which is why our team is well-versed in the following metrics and tools: Nielsen, Scarborough, SQAD, SRDS, Claritas, ComScore, Google Analytics, Kantar, eMarketer. Additionally, we constantly collaborate with our media partners; provide continuing education to our team; and curate industry content to stay up to date with emerging trends and technologies. If you need a deeper understanding of how your audiences, messages, media and markets intersect, Wakeen Strategies can build a custom analysis report.