About Us

Communicating Your Story is Our Passion

Life is a narrative . . .
So is business

We believe that storytelling is a powerful way to connect brands with customers, but the journey to that conversion must be purposeful – the direction of each stride marked with intentionality and deliberate action – this is true whether you are blazing through an exciting adventure or carefully crossing uncharted territory.

Regardless of where or how you travel, we work to ensure that our footprints are grounded in truth, humility, and grace.

We are seriously intentional about not only how we work,
but who we do business with because, to us, business is personal

About Wakeen Strategies


People like to do business with people that they like. While we can certainly work with a client on a project-by-project basis, we are more interested in developing relationship over time – one of mutual respect and grace. In doing so, we are able to dream together, explore new opportunities and even fail forward. We become so invested in your success that we take every win (or loss) personally.

Legacy Knowledge

Hailing from radio and print, retail, communications and digital media, when you work with Wakeen Strategies, your investment isn’t just about the research and services we can offer, but also our collective legacy knowledge as marketers who effectively leverage this experience to build a plan that tells your story to the right people at the right time and through the right media channels.

Personal Investment

Business is personal that’s why we promise to be present in every encounter and accessible when you need us. We want to be “your person.” After all, what good is the latest technology, resource, research, strategy if you can’t reach anyone when you call? How can an agency vow to bring solutions that take you to the next level if they don’t really hear you?

Ready to Tell Your Story?

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